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The Bore Tech Bore Stix cleaning rods provide effective cleaning and eliminate the frustrating issue of having jags and brushes unscrew from the end of the rod.

All Bore Stix feature a barrel safe, non-brass tip that eliminates the irritating false indication of copper fouling that is found with traditional brass tipped rods when using copper removing cleaners. This gives you a much more reliable result. The tip of these Bore Stix also eliminates the need for additional adapters when changing between jags and brushes.

The core of these Bore Stix are made of high strength steel causing minimized bow and flex. It is coated with low friction coating that is extremely durable and will not damage the barrel.

In addition, the color coded handles offer a comfortable, non slip rubber grip that prevents damage to the rifle stock and because of the caliber specific colors it eliminates the guesswork in determing what rod to use for what caliber.

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91cm, 102cm, 112cm, 122cm


.22, .223, .338-.41, 7-8mm, 6mm-.270

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