Lyman Bleacher Loading Block .445 PISTOL


Lyman Bleacher Block reloading tray takes up less bench space, yet makes it easy to add or remove cases, even when full. Suitable e.g. for calibers 9mm Luger, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto.

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Lyman has taken a “step up” in loading block design with the “stadium style” Bleacher Blocks.

For cases with maximal diameter of .445″ (11,3 mm).

Suitable e.g. for calibers:

  • 9mm Luger
  • .357 Magnum
  • .38 Special
  • .40 S&W
  • 10mm Auto

Just as bleachers allow people to see over those in front of them, Lyman reloading blocks allow for easier handling of cases in and out of the loading block. The stepped design allows you to easily grip a single case without jamming your fingers down into a group of cases like in traditional loading blocks, and allows for a smaller “footprint” on your bench.

Made of tough, durable polymer, the Bleacher Blocks are molded in multiple sizes to closely fit a variety of cases. One size fits 223 size case heads, another fits 308 size case heads and the third fits belted magnum size cases – plus there are two variants for pistol calibers, too. All hold 50 rounds. Save time and space on your bench with the Bleach Loading Blocks by Lyman.

  • Molded to closely fit specific case sizes
  • Made of tough, durable polymer
  • Unique stepped design makes it easy to add or remove cases, even when full
  • Takes up less bench space than traditional blocks
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