Lee Large Series die (sets)/adapter

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Lee Large Series (1 1/4×12 thread) Collet Neck Sizing 2-Die Set, used with the Classic Cast Press only. Includes collet neck sizing die, bullet seating die, load data and instructions. Reloading press shell holder and Powder Dipper sold seperately.

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Lee Large Series (1 1/4×12 thread) 3-Die Set. Includes Full Length Sizing Die, Bullet Seating Die, Powder Through Expanding Die, Shell Holder, and Instructions. Dipper not included.

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.338 Lapua Collet 2 die, .416 Barret 2 die, .50 BMG 2 die, .577 Snider 3 die, .577/.450 MH 3 die, .50 BMG Factory Crimp Die, .338 Lapua Factory Crimp Die, .404 Jeffery Factory Crimp Die, .416 Rigby Factory Crimp Die, .30-378 Whby Mag Factory Crimp Die, Lee Die Adapter Bushing 1 1/2-12 to 1 1/4-12 A91697

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