The Kestrel 5700 Elite Applied Ballistics Wind and Weather Station: your ultimate tool for precise long-range shooting!

The Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics Software sets the standard for long-range shooters. This handy device fits in the palm of your hand while offering a wealth of features for precise ballistic calculations. Developed on the basis of Kestrel’s groundbreaking but now discontinued 4500 meter, the 5700 Elite has been optimized specifically for the needs of long-range shooters.


Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive measurements: The 5700 Elite measures up to 15 environmental parameters and allows the selection of G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients (BC) for calculating the bullet trajectory.
  2. “Litz” Ballistics Library: This station provides access to Bryan Litz’s extensive BC library of over 225 modern projectiles. This data forms a solid basis for precise ballistic calculations.
  3. Ballistics Calibration: Calibration allows you to tailor the software to a specific weapon based on observed effects at long ranges. This results in even more accurate data sets for future calculations.
  4. Ease of use: The intuitive user interface and improved screen resolution make operation simple and clear, even in changing lighting conditions. The screen can be switched between a white and red background (NV night vision).
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: The 5700 Elite is equipped with Bluetooth LiNK so you can wirelessly transfer real-time data to your Android or iOS smartphone. It is also compatible with Bushnell CONX rangefinders so you can view AB Kestrel results directly on your rangefinder.
  6. Rugged Construction: The device features a reinforced hard polymer housing and a scratch-resistant display window. It is powered by a single AA battery and has a sealed battery compartment.


Advanced ballistic calculation in no time:

Bluetooth capability lets you wirelessly and automatically transfer both real-time environmental data and logged data to your smartphone, Mac or PC. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, the Kestrel 5700 Elite is ready to interact with either operating system.

If you want to get the most out of your rifle and ammunition, the Kestrel 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics software is an essential tool for your shooting range. With precise ballistic calculations and a wealth of features, this station will become your trusted companion on the road to accurate shot placements. Order your Kestrel 5700 Elite now and experience precision on a new level!

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